Promotional Video Production in Derry

Promotional Video Production in Derry

The specialist promotional films that we create will be unique and bespoke to each project to give clients a marketing video tailored to their business.

Venue Film Production in Derry

Venue Film Production in Derry

Commercial events venues often have professional marketing videos made to give potential visitors and visual insight into the services they offer.

Promotional Film Specialists in Derry

Promotional Film Specialists in Derry

We have completed various projects to film and edit promotional videos at venues, entertainment facilities and sports grounds looking to promote their services.

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Promotional Video Production in Derry

Promotional video production in Derry BT47 6 is ione of our services which is ideal for events, venues and businesses, as our team can film, edit and publish high quality and professional video content for your establishment. ShowReel understand that every venue is different, and as a result of that we ensure we discuss with the business owner beforehand to guarantee that the promo video production we create represents your business exactly how you want it to. We also take advantage of our air drone and time-lapse cameras, enabling us to capture your facility or event in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way by capturing aerial footage and a variety of fast passed images.

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video is used to promote a company, organisation, service, product or campaigne and they are very popular. They allow an audience to get an idea of what a company is like by seeing inside the organisation and finding out more about the companies services and what they are able to do. Most websites have now started having them included because it is great for marketing a facility.

We take the process of us creating a promotional video production for your business very seriously, and use a wide range of professional equipment and editing software to make certain that the final product is of the highest quality possible. Once the video is created and published, that content acts as a fantastic means for your company or organisation to utilise as the forefront of your marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that these videos are very easy to share, enabling those interested in your niche to not only gain more knowledge into what the facility looks like, but also the products or services that you offer. Video production helps greatly to stand out from the competition and push your company to the next level.

Venue Film Production Near Me

ShowReel have vast experience filming and editing for venue film production. Our nearby specialist team woring closest to you, can create high quality promotion videos at nearly any event or surrounding area, and have worked at facilities such as festivals, farms, golf courses and much more within the UK. For venue owners, having a film production in Derry BT47 6 created provides them with a refreshing way to introduce others about the event/venue, and allows them to showcase their establishment effectively online. These videos can be shared through various social media platforms as well as embedded onto their website, allowing the facility to have as much exposure possible. The most common social platforms for these types of videos are YouTube and Vimeo.

Filming a Venue Near Me in Derry

When shooting and editing the footage, we make sure to carefully select from a wide variety of camera angles, zooms and speed changes to present the facility in an appropriate manor. For example, if we were to carry out for a go karting facility it would likely be fast and upbeat with regular shot changes to represent the thrill of go karting, whilst filming for a barn or farm area might be slower to encapsulate the different aspects of the establishment. We believe that carefully choosing which shots to use and how to use them helps us to create our outstanding film production, and ensures our clients are extremely satisfied with our work.

A lot of local people want to know the costs and prices of this type of filming but it really just depends on a range of things, such as the client’s budget and the standard they want it to be to. If you decide to have cheap videos carried out then you won’t really get a good video or the best value for your budget. Here at ShowReel, our experts and specialists have many different animations and special effects, such as voice overs which we are able to use.

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